Patterns of mutation and selection at synonymous sites in Drosophila.

  title={Patterns of mutation and selection at synonymous sites in Drosophila.},
  author={Nadia D. Singh and Vanessa L. Bauer DuMont and Melissa J. Hubisz and R. Nielsen and Charles F. Aquadro},
  journal={Molecular biology and evolution},
  volume={24 12},
That natural selection affects molecular evolution at synonymous sites in protein-coding sequences is well established and is thought to predominantly reflect selection for translational efficiency/accuracy mediated through codon bias. However, a recently developed maximum likelihood framework, when applied to 18 coding sequences in 3 species of Drosophila, confirmed an earlier report that the Notch gene in Drosophila melanogaster was evolving under selection in favor of those codons defined as… CONTINUE READING
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