Patterns of mortality differentials by marital status in low mortality countries.

  • Yueying Hu
  • Published 1987 in
    In'gu munje nonjip = Journal of population…


"This study examined mortality differentials by marital status in 11 low-mortality countries [for the period 1950-1980]. The results show that, in general, unmarried populations have a higher mortality rate than that of married populations. A more detailed analysis indicates that each country has its distinctive marital mortality features which are associated with cultural regions (East and West) but are not related to developmental factors. When marital mortality patterns of the East and West are compared, it demonstrates that mortality rates of never-married Asian women are strikingly higher than that of their Western counterparts. This phenomenon has persisted during the last two decades. Two possible cultural interpretations are suggested: differential family support theses versus differential marital selection." (SUMMARY IN CHI)

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