Patterns of gray matter atrophy in atypical parkinsonism syndromes : A VBM meta-analysis

  title={Patterns of gray matter atrophy in atypical parkinsonism syndromes : A VBM meta-analysis},
  author={F Sellal and B Lannes and Mohr M Language and P J French and Yun J Y Kim and J.-M Kim and H. Lee and J.-Y and J KimH and S KimJ and K KimY and Kim S E Ahn and T.-B and Jeon B S Language and English and F Yu and S BarronD and B Tantiwongkosi and Fox P Language and K Sakurai and E Imabayashi and M TokumaruA and S Hasebe and S Murayama and S Morimoto and K Kanemaru and M Takao and Y Shibamoto and Matsukawa N Language and G Morandi and D Guido and Tagliabue A Language and H. Bjork and G Veiby and Agnete Svendsen Tenfjord Engelsen and E GilhusN and L Kuhlmann and B GraydenD and F Wendling and Schiff S J Language and R BauerP and D FerrariM and Sander J W Language and Soltesz and Bradley E Ivan and Kano and David M. Lovinger and Takako Ohno-Shosaku and Ezequiel Agustin Piccione and M SlettenD and Staff N P Low and P A Language and E Devenney and S Vucic and R HodgesJ and C KiernanM and Purnima Menon and N Geevasinga and C Yiannikas and J Howells and Vucic S Language and B Yang and M Qu and Wang R Chatterton and Jennifer S E Liu and X.-B and B Zhu and S Narisawa and L MillanJ and N Nakanishi and S. Lipton and Zhang D Language and B BrombergM and D Lacomis and J SilvestriN and Wolfe G I Language and Oh J O 'connor and P W Language and Jacob J. Sosnoff and Sung J Language}
  • Sellal F, Lannes B, +77 authors Sung J Language
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