Patterns of cell death in the perinatal mouse forebrain.

  title={Patterns of cell death in the perinatal mouse forebrain.},
  author={Morgan Mosley and Charisma Shah and Kiriana A Morse and Stephen A Miloro and Melissa M. Holmes and Todd H. Ahern and N G Forger},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={525 1},
The importance of cell death in brain development has long been appreciated, but many basic questions remain, such as what initiates or terminates the cell death period. One obstacle has been the lack of quantitative data defining exactly when cell death occurs. We recently created a "cell death atlas," using the detection of activated caspase-3 (AC3) to quantify apoptosis in the postnatal mouse ventral forebrain and hypothalamus, and found that the highest rates of cell death were seen at the… CONTINUE READING


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