Patterns of Victimization and Feelings of Safety Inside Prison: The Experience of Male and Female Inmates

  title={Patterns of Victimization and Feelings of Safety Inside Prison: The Experience of Male and Female Inmates},
  author={Nancy Wolff and Jing Shi},
  journal={Crime \& Delinquency},
  pages={29 - 55}
Little is known about the patterns of sexual victimization inside prisons and their relationship to inmates’ feelings of safety. This study examined patterns of sexual victimization with and without co-occurring physical victimization and feelings of safety as reported by 6,964 male and 564 female inmates. Respondents completed a computerized survey with questions about type of victimization (sexual/physical) and source of victimization (inmate/staff). Compared to sexual assault, inappropriate… 

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  • N. Wolff, Jing Shi
  • Law
    Journal of correctional health care : the official journal of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care
  • 2009
An analysis of approximately 2,200 physical and 200 sexual victimizations reported by a random sample of 6,964 male inmates finds physical injury occurred in 40% of physical assaults and 70% of sexual assaults between inmates and in 50% of assaults perpetrated by staff.
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