Patterns of Migraine Disease in Otolaryngology: A CHEER Network Study.

  title={Patterns of Migraine Disease in Otolaryngology: A CHEER Network Study.},
  author={Kristine A Schulz and Elnaz Esmati and Frederick A Godley and Claude L. Hill and A Saboorooh Monfared and Michael Teixido and Debara Lyn Tucci and David L. Witsell},
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Objective To evaluate the prevalence of migraine disease in an otolaryngologic cohort and migraine-related otologic and sinonasal symptoms in this population. Study Design Cross-sectional study utilizing the CHEER (Creating Healthcare Excellence through Education and Research) network for recruitment. Setting Patients were recruited in a cross-sectional and pragmatic manner in 14 CHEER sites between June 2015 and March 2017 (9 academic, 5 community based). Subjects and Methods Patients were… CONTINUE READING