Patterns of Individual Shopping Behavior

  title={Patterns of Individual Shopping Behavior},
  author={Coco Krumme and Manuel Cebrian and Alex Pentland},
Much of economic theory is built on observations of aggregate, rather than individual, behavior. Here, we present novel findings on human shopping patterns at the resolution of a single purchase. Our results suggest that much of our seemingly elective activity is actually driven by simple routines. While the interleaving of shopping events creates randomness at the small scale, on the whole consumer behavior is largely predictable. We also examine income-dependent differences in how people shop… Expand
Simulating Shopper Behavior using Fuzzy Logic in Shopping Center Simulation
An extended and complete version of an initial research done by Christian and Hansun and presents a prototype of a multi-agent shopping center simulation tool along with a fuzzy logic algorithm implemented in the system. Expand
Optimized Human-AI Decision Making: A Personal Perspective
  • A. Pentland
  • Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction
  • 2021
AI is turning up everywhere, but when people try to use it to as a tool help make better decisions it often stumbles…users reject it, rely too much on it, and so forth. Not only is this a problem forExpand
Putting human behavior predictability in context
This work investigates the role played by four contextual dimensions, namely time, location, activity being carried out, and social ties, on the predictability of individuals’ behaviors, and analyzes how the identified contextual modalities allow to compute the diversity of personal behavior, where it shows that individuals are more easily identified by rarer, rather than frequent, context annotations. Expand
The risk of re-identification remains high even in country-scale location datasets
The results show how the privacy of individuals is very unlikely to be preserved even in country-scale location datasets. Expand
Matrix Profile XXI: A Geometric Approach to Time Series Chains Improves Robustness
Time series motifs have become a fundamental tool to characterize repeated and conserved structure in systems, such as manufacturing telemetry, economic activities, and both human physiological andExpand
Higher-order statistics based multifractal predictability measures for anisotropic turbulence and the theoretical limits of aviation weather forecasting
The results indicate that reliable storm-scale weather forecasting with around 3 to 5 hours lead time is theoretically possible and the ratio of anisotropic to isotropic predictability limits is independent of q. Expand
On predictability of time series
Abstract The method to estimate the predictability of human mobility was proposed in Song et al. (2010), which is extensively followed in exploring the predictability of disparate time series.Expand
Strategies and limitations in app usage and human mobility
It is shown that the capacity of applications predicts mobility capacity and vice-versa and the behaviour of keepers and explorers may considerably vary across the two domains, which provides an intriguing picture linking human behaviour in the physical and digital worlds. Expand
Entropy and the Predictability of Online Life
Observations show that predicting behavioral actions requires less information than predicting the mobility patterns of humans for which the additional knowledge of past visited locations is crucial and that the type and sign of a social relation has an essential impact on the ability to determine future behavior. Expand
Mining Urban Performance: Scale-Independent Classification of Cities Based on Individual Economic Transactions
This paper proposes a novel approach of city scoring and classification based on quantitative scale-free metrics related to economic activity of city residents, as well as domestic and foreign visitors, which significantly complement the pattern that might be discovered with the official socioeconomic statistics. Expand


Science 327
  • 4 1018
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  • R. Rosenfeld
  • Medicine
  • Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
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I am writing with a simple plea to balance the voluminous articles about treatment in your journal with a modicum of information about nature and caring effects to rekindle the perception of physicians as healers, not only treaters, who relish the gifts of nature, and foster the humanistic aspect of medicine that has thrived for millennia. Expand
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Economic Geography
THIS is the fourth edition of a well–known textbook, produced under the limitations of wartime. These have compelled the author to omit many details of which up–to–date statistical information is notExpand