Patterns in Medieval Trade: The Commerce of Amalfi Before the Crusades

  title={Patterns in Medieval Trade: The Commerce of Amalfi Before the Crusades},
  author={A. Citarella},
  journal={The Journal of Economic History},
  • A. Citarella
  • Published 1968
  • History
  • The Journal of Economic History
The long and glorious commercial history of Amalfi, which began some time about the middle of the eighth century, came to an abrupt end on November 24, 1343. On that day a raging storm accompanied by a tidal wave destroyed the lower town and swallowed all the harbor installations, including the famed sea fortifications. From that blow Amalfi never recovered. The present lovely resort appears as a most unlikely setting for a republic which was once a great maritime town in the western… Expand
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