Patterns formed in a thin film with spatially homogeneous and non-homogeneous Derjaguin disjoining pressure

  title={Patterns formed in a thin film with spatially homogeneous and non-homogeneous Derjaguin disjoining pressure},
  author={Abdulwahed S. Alshaikhi and Michael Grinfeld and S. K. Wilson},
  journal={European Journal of Applied Mathematics},
We consider patterns formed in a two-dimensional thin film on a planar substrate with a Derjaguin disjoining pressure and periodic wettability stripes. We rigorously clarify some of the results obtained numerically by Honisch et al. [Langmuir 31: 10618–10631, 2015] and embed them in the general theory of thin-film equations. For the case of constant wettability, we elucidate the change in the global structure of branches of steady-state solutions as the average film thickness and the surface… Expand


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