Patterning neuronal and glia cells on light-assisted functionalised photoresists.

  title={Patterning neuronal and glia cells on light-assisted functionalised photoresists.},
  author={Dan V. Nicolau and Takahisa Taguchi and Hirokazu Taniguchi and Hisashi Tanigawa and Shinya Yoshikawa},
  journal={Biosensors & bioelectronics},
  volume={14 3},
A common photosensitive polymeric material used in semiconductor microlithography (diazo-naphto-quinone/novolak resist) was pattern-exposed with near-UV light to create carboxylic-rich areas on the polymer surface. The patterned surfaces were further functionalised via: (1) the anchorage of peptides for specific cell-attachment or cell-detachment functions; or (2) the diffusion of silicon rich chemical species to achieve the cell detachment. Pairs of antagonistic surface characteristics… CONTINUE READING

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