Pattern of Thyroid Diseases-A Histopathological Study

  title={Pattern of Thyroid Diseases-A Histopathological Study},
  author={Abdulla Darwish and Khalid A. Al Sindi and Jihene El Kafsi},
Result: One hundred and ten cases of thyroidectomy specimens were found, 84 females and 26 males with female: male ratio 3.2:1. Fifty cases (45.5%) of Nodular goiter were seen, it was the most common thyroid disease followed by malignancy 26 (24%), follicular adenoma 17 (15.5%), primary thyrotoxicosis 9 (8%) and Hashimoto's thyroiditis 8 (7%). Age range for colloid goiter was 1967, malignancy 21-82, follicular adenoma 20-69, primary thyrotoxicosis 20-42 and Hashimoto's thyroiditis 20-56… CONTINUE READING


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