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Pattern of Fractures and Dislocations in Road Traffic Accident Victims in a Tertiary Care Institute of Central India

  title={Pattern of Fractures and Dislocations in Road Traffic Accident Victims in a Tertiary Care Institute of Central India},
  author={Narendra Kumar},
Introduction: Due to the rapid economic transition, there is an increase in a number of automobiles on the road and rapid increase in road traffic accident (RTA). Aim: The study was conducted with the aim to evaluate the pattern of different types of fractures and dislocations in the RTA victims in a tertiary care institute. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted at Chirayu Medical College and Hospital situated on the Bhopal-Indore State highway with heavy traffic load. The data of 748… 
The pattern of orthopedic fractures and visceral injury in road traffic crash victims, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Visceral injury, simple and compound fractures were the common orthopedic injury types reported among crash victims and males, pedestrians, and young age groups were largely affected by orthopedIC fracture cases.
Pattern of Fractures Among Road Traffic Accident Victims Requiring Hospitalization: Single-institution Experience in Saudi Arabia
Femur fractures were the most commonly known fractures among males while a humerus fracture was the most common fracture among females, and in males, a fractured radius shaft and a fractured femur were the factors most associated with the age group.
Fractures caused by car accidents admitted to a tertiary care hospital: A cross-sectional study
The study showed that the young population has the highest number of fractures after CA, and these fractures are common in the acetabulum and skull.


Pattern Of Fractures And Dislocations In A Tertiary Hospital In North – East India
Most of the causes of fractures and dislocation are preventable and helpful in planning better management in trauma centres, according to a retrospective review of hospital charts of patients presented to emergency and accident unit of this hospital between November 2008 to October 2010.
Pattern Of Trauma In Central India: An Epidemiological Study With Special Reference To Mode Of Injury
The prevalence of trauma coming to hospital and the various epidemiological factors related to trauma cases are assessed to assess the prevalence and cause and mode of injury.
Mortality profile of patients with traumatic spinal injuries at a level I trauma care centre in India
There is an urgent need to take steps to prevent major injuries, strengthen the pre-hospital care, transportation network, treatment in specialized trauma care units and to improve injury surveillance and the quality of data collected which can guide prevention efforts to avoid loss of young active lives.
Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Accident Cases from Western Nepal
Most of the factors responsible for RTA and its fatal consequences are preventable and a comprehensive multipronged approach can mitigate most of them.
Measuring trauma outcomes in India: an analysis based on TRISS methodology in a Mumbai university hospital.
The injured in India were found to be older, the injuries more severe and with poorer outcomes, than in the MTOS study, which reported on standards reported in the Major Trauma Outcome Study.
Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Accident Cases: A Study from South India
Assessment of the prevalence of road traffic cases coming to hospital to know the various epidemiological factors related to road traffic accident cases and the occupants of the various vehicles constituted the large group of the victims.
Road traffic fatalities in Delhi: causes, injury patterns, and incidence of preventable deaths.
An autopsy study of road traffic fatalities in South Delhi to determine the injury patterns and incidence of deaths that could be prevented by optimal utilization of available medical resources found that neurological injury caused death in 60% of patients and hemorrhagic shock in 25%.
Understanding India, globalisation and health care systems: a mapping of research in the social sciences
Overall this survey of India-related work suggests a young and expanding literature, although hampered by inadequacies in global comparative data, and by difficulties in accessing commercially sensitive information.
United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety
Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (CARRS-Q), United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety
World Health Organization. Estimates of Mortality by Causes for WHO Member States for the Year 2008 Summary Tables
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