Pattern compensation in Drosophila wing vein development


SummaryMuch interest in developmental genetics has focused on the formation of patterns. Using the wing vein pattern of Drosophila melanogasler as our model system, we show that vein placement is essentially independent of cell lineage. In studying vein placement in a variety of wing vein mutants, we observed that the position of a vein can move to compensate for the loss of vein in nearby parts of the wing. These observations led us to consider an interacting diffusion gradient model of vein formation.

DOI: 10.1038/hdy.1980.8


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@article{Thompson1980PatternCI, title={Pattern compensation in Drosophila wing vein development}, author={James N. Thompson and Joe V Toney and Gerald Bradley Schaefer}, journal={Heredity}, year={1980}, volume={44}, pages={93-102} }