Patrick Geddes, maker of the future

  title={Patrick Geddes, maker of the future},
  author={Philip Boardman and Sir and P. Geddes},
Situated Knowledge and Visual Education: Patrick Geddes and Reclus's Geography (1886–1932)
Abstract This article addresses Patrick Geddes's relationship with geography and visual education by focusing on his collaboration with the network of the anarchist geographers Élie, Élisée, and PaulExpand
Early Sociology and the State of ‘Sociology’ in Britain in the Early Twentieth Century
If this book has any single overall message, it is that early sociology, as taught and practised at the London School of Economics, failed this test of Plato; its early practitioners did not set downExpand
Thinking organic, acting civic: The paradox of planning for Cities in Evolution
Abstract Patrick Geddes articulated the growth and design of cities in the early years of the town planning movement in Britain using biological principles of which Darwin’s (1859) theory ofExpand
“Free cities and regions”—Patrick Geddes’s theory of planning
Patrick Geddes is a recognized founder of urban and regional planning. Despite this accolade, a review of US planning programs reflects Geddes’s work largely absent from planning pedagogy. RecentlyExpand
On the (Alternative) Worlds That We Have Lost: Sociology and The Third Way Revisited
This chapter is inspired by a paper, entitled ‘Sociology and the Third Way’, published by John Eldridge in 2000. Written at the height of Anthony Giddens’s fame as ‘Blair’s Brain’, Eldridge tracedExpand
Patrick Geddes's (e)utopian Belvedere in Southern France
The Collège des Ecossais in Montpellier, France, Patrick Geddes' last major project and place of death in 1932, may have been a mere reproduction of his Edinburgh Outlook Tower under fairer skies.Expand
Interdisciplinary foundations of urban ecology
The paper concludes that these “largely ignored” contributions offer urban ecology the opportunity to claim much broader depth as a field gaining access to precedents and innovations accomplished during the field’s early theoretical development. Expand
From the Arctic and Antarctic to ‘the back parts of Mull’: The life and career of William Gordon Burn Murdoch (1862–1939)
Abstract Published and archival sources are examined to elucidate the career of William Gordon Burn Murdoch, artist, bag‐piper, explorer, geographer, hunter, Scottish nationalist, traveller, whalerExpand
William speirs bruce, the ben nevis observatory, and antarctic meteorology
Abstract Following his participation in an expedition to the Weddell Sea (1892–1893), William Speirs Bruce determined to undertake further polar research and sought training and experience in suchExpand