Patriarchy and socialist revolution in China

  title={Patriarchy and socialist revolution in China},
  author={Judith Stacey},
Studies of men and masculinities in contemporary china
Since the 1995 UN Beijing Conference, gender issues have become increasingly prominent in China. Gender equality has been officially endorsed by the Chinese government as a fundamental state policy.
Women in China's Long Twentieth Century
This indispensable guide for students of both Chinese and women's history synthesizes recent research on women in twentieth-century China. Written by a leading historian of China, it surveys more
Empowered or Not? Exploring the Conundrum of Increasing Female Schooling and Stagnant Female Labor Market Participation in Japan, China and India
  • Economics
  • 2015
This paper attempts to explore the connections betw een expanding female education and the participation of women in paid employment in Japan, China and India, three of Asia’s largest economies.
Patriarchy, Resources, and Specialization
This article examines influences of patriarchal ideas and practices, relative resources, and housework specialization on three dimensions of marital decision-making power in urban China. The authors
Cultural capital and gender differences in parental involvement in children's schooling and higher education choice in China
This article employs the concept of cultural capital to examine the ways in which social difference in terms of gender are played out in parental involvement in children's schooling and higher
The Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on Familial Elder Care in Rural China
Mass rural-urban migration and population aging are occurring simultaneously at a rapid speed in contemporary China. Tens of millions of rural young laborers have been migrating to urban areas to
Chinese Women in the Official Chinese Press: Discursive Constructions of Gender in Service to the State
Theories of gender and the nation posit that women are prescribed certain roles according to the needs of the state at a particular historical moment and that such roles are frequently articulated in
Wife Abuse in Hong Kong Chinese Families: A Community Survey
  • C. Tang
  • Psychology
    Journal of Family Violence
  • 2004
Physical wife abuse in the form of minor violence occurred most frequently among married men and women aged 30 or below; and both minor and severe physical violence to wife was found mostrequently among couples whose ages were more than 20 years apart.
A Study Of Dagongmei: A Feminist Understanding of Gender Politics in China under Reform
Abstract This study examines the extent to which women workers have been excluded from the major social institutions and what it means for them to live with an increasing double burden that is placed
Fashioning Appearances
  • H. Ip
  • Sociology, History
  • 2003
Studying the Communist revolution, scholars of China have generally assumed that the revolutionary era and pre-Cultural Revolution stage of the Communist regime were dominated by asceticism,