Patients with macroprolactinaemia: clinical and radiological features.

  title={Patients with macroprolactinaemia: clinical and radiological features.},
  author={Francesca Donadio and Ant{\^o}nio Barbieri and R Angioni and Giovanna Mantovani and Paolo Beck-Peccoz and Anna Spada and Andrea Gerardo Antonio Lania},
  journal={European journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={37 7},
BACKGROUND Macroprolactinaemia may represent a relevant cause of misdiagnosis, unnecessary investigation and inappropriate treatment. The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical and neuroradiological characteristics of patients with and without macroprolactinaemia and to evaluate the impact of macroprolactin determination on the diagnostic work-up of hyperprolactinaemic patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective analysis in 135 consecutive hyperprolactinaemic patients (111 women… CONTINUE READING
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