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Patients ’ experience of choosing where to undergo surgical treatment EVALUATION OF LONDON PATIENT CHOICE SCHEME

  title={Patients ’ experience of choosing where to undergo surgical treatment EVALUATION OF LONDON PATIENT CHOICE SCHEME},
  author={Angela Coulter},

Factors influencing the choice of private medical centre among Malaysians

There was a significant relationship between environment, facilities, and cost, with the choice of Private Medical Centre among Malaysians, and it is suggested that the management of Private medical centre should focus on providing the best services to their customers to ensure they get the greatest satisfaction.

Development of a Decision Support Engine to Assist Patients with Hospital Selection

The aim of this research is to develop a decision engine for hospital selection (DEHS) to support patients while accessing healthcare resources and allows them to make decisions based on credible information and consults the experiences of others at the same time.

Patient Choice Systems and Waiting Times for Scheduled Services

The experience of implementing choice at point of referral: a comparison of the Netherlands and England

Policy ambitions for patient choice may not be realised if the implementation of the booking system is not carefully designed and evaluated, this paper finds.

Identify and Prioritize the Strategies of a Trauma Hospital by Analytical Hierarchy Process

Identify and prioritizes the strategies of a trauma hospital by Analytical Hierarchy Process and it is recommended to use the capacities of the University of Medical Sciences to monitor medicines and to set up smart systems in order to increase the supervision of medical staff.

How marketing mix (7Ps) affect the patients’ selection of a hospital: experience of a low-income country

The studied hospitals have an appropriate status in physical environment and people mix but poor status in promotion mix, therefore it is necessary for these hospitals to pay more attention to the “promotion mix” irrespective of the related costs.

Optimal cost adjustment for a selfish routing healthcare network

Findings show that simple, uniformly improved network policies have the strength needed to improve the cost-effectiveness of the healthcare system if implemented fully and effectively.

Influence of Relationship Marketing on Patients’ Decision in Selection of Eye Hospitals – Is It Ethical?

The findings reveal that reputation of the surgeon, overall appearance and layout of hospital and reference by friends and relatives play a vital role in influencing the decision of the patient in choosing the eye hospital.

The Duplicity of Choice and Empowerment: Disability Rights Diluted in Australia’s Policies on Assistive Technology

The combination of choice as a contested concept and its increasing adoption as a policy principle necessitates a critical analysis of its interpretation within Australia’s reforms to disability