Patients' Families' Perceptions of Lupus in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  title={Patients' Families' Perceptions of Lupus in Sub-Saharan Africa.},
  author={J. Iba Ba and M. Ou{\'e}draogo and Y. S. Oliveira and I. Nseng Nseng and A. Abo Ekomie and J. Boguikouma},
  journal={Medecine et sante tropicales},
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Lupus is an autoimmune disease affecting the connective tissue. Its clinical and biological polymorphism is often misunderstood by patients and families and can lead to treatment interruption and a decision to turn to alternative medicine. We used a questionnaire to assess the degree of knowledge of this disease of family members living with lupus patients. Of the 56 lupus patients receiving regular follow-up at our hospital, 123 members of 30 of their families (53.5%) participated. Overall… Expand