Patient willingness to take teriparatide.

  title={Patient willingness to take teriparatide.},
  author={Liana Fraenkel and Barbara Irene Gulanski and Dick R. Wittink},
  journal={Patient education and counseling},
  volume={65 2},
OBJECTIVE Teriparatide [rhPTH (1-34)] is an effective treatment for osteoporosis administered by daily subcutaneous injection. The objective of this study was to determine how much benefit women expect teriparatide to confer before agreeing to perform daily injections. METHODS We recruited postmenopausal women who had recently undergone bone densitometry and were found to have either a T-score less than -2.5 at the hip or spine and/or had a fracture index (FI) of > or =6. Participants… CONTINUE READING

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