Patient-specific spinal stiffness in AIS: a preoperative and noninvasive method

  title={Patient-specific spinal stiffness in AIS: a preoperative and noninvasive method},
  author={Steve Berger and Oliveira Marcello and Steffen Schuman and Jacques Schneider and Daniel Studer and Carol Claudius Hasler and Guoyan Zheng and P B{\"u}chler},
  journal={European Spine Journal},
The clinical tests currently used to assess spinal biomechanics preoperatively are unable to assess true mechanical spinal stiffness. They rely on spinal displacement without considering the force required to deform a patient’s spine. We propose a preoperative method for noninvasively quantifying the three-dimensional patient-specific stiffness of the spines of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients. The technique combines a novel clinical test with numerical optimization of a finite element… CONTINUE READING
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