Patient-specific bicuspid valve dynamics: overview of methods and challenges.

  title={Patient-specific bicuspid valve dynamics: overview of methods and challenges.},
  author={Krishnan B. Chandran and Sarah C. Vigmostad},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={46 2},
About 1-2 % of the babies are born with bicuspid aortic valves instead of the normal aortic valve with three leaflets. A significant portion of the patients with the congenital bicuspid valve morphology suffer from aortic valve stenosis and/or ascending aortic dilatation and dissection thus requiring surgical intervention when they are young adults. Patients with bicuspid aortic valves (BAVs) have also been found to develop valvular stenosis earlier than those with the normal aortic valve. This… CONTINUE READING
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