Patient-oriented interactive E-health tools on U.S. hospital Web sites.


The purpose of this study is to provide evidence for strategic planning regarding e-health development in U.S. hospitals. A content analysis of a representative sample of the U.S. hospital Web sites has revealed how U.S. hospitals have taken advantage of the 21 patient-oriented interactive tools identified in this study. Significant gaps between various types of hospitals have also been found. It is concluded that although the majority of the U.S. hospitals have adopted traditional functional tools, they need to make significant inroad in implementing the core e-business tools to serve their patients/users, making their Web sites more efficient marketing tools.

DOI: 10.1080/07359683.2012.732871

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@article{Huang2012PatientorientedIE, title={Patient-oriented interactive E-health tools on U.S. hospital Web sites.}, author={Edgar Huang and Chiu-chi Angela Chang}, journal={Health marketing quarterly}, year={2012}, volume={29 4}, pages={329-45} }