Patient doses using multidetector computed tomography scanners in Kenya.


Assessment of patient dose attributed to multislice computed tomography (CT) examination. A questionnaire method was developed and used in recording the patient dose and scanning parameters for the head, chest, abdomen and lumbar spine examinations. The patient doses due to brain, chest and abdomen examination were above the international diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) by factors of between one and four. The study demonstrated that the use of multislice CT elevates patient radiation dose, justifying the need for local optimised scanning protocols and the use of institutional DRL for dose management without affecting diagnostic image quality.

DOI: 10.1093/rpd/ncr484

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@article{Korir2012PatientDU, title={Patient doses using multidetector computed tomography scanners in Kenya.}, author={Geoffrey K Korir and Jeska Sidika Wambani and Ian K Korir}, journal={Radiation protection dosimetry}, year={2012}, volume={151 2}, pages={267-71} }