Patient acceptance of an information sheet about cardiopulmonary resuscitation options


Objective: To determine initial patient acceptance of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation/do-not-resuscitate orders (CPR/DNR) information sheet intended to facilitate early discussion of CPR preferences. Design: Attitudinal survey of adults after reading a CPR/DNR information sheet. Setting: Inpatient wards and outpatient clinics of a tertiary care military teaching hospital. Patients: 230 English-reading, mentally competent, volunteer patients (95%) of 243 eligible patients completed questionnaires. Mean age was 51.5±17 years; 122 (53%) patients were men; 103 (45%) were inpatients. Self-reported diagnoses were: cancer, 42 (18%); HIV disease, 22 (10%); other medical conditions, 87 (38%); pre- and postoperative cases, 35 (15%); and unknown,44 (19%).Results: 56% of the patients had previously thought about CPR options. 10% of the patients had actually discussed preferences with their physicians. 90% of the patients desired discussion with their physicians and other health care providers. 91% of the patients reported feeling better or no change after reading the information. 78% of the patients agreed that the information sheet would be helpful in discussing their preferences and most thought the information should be routinely given to all patients. Conclusions: Written information about CPR options was perceived as helpful and acceptable to most patients surveyed. Since a few patients initially reported feeling worse after reading the CPR/DNR information sheet, written information should not be used alone but may facilitate initial communication and discussion.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02598286


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