Patient Access to Mental Health Notes

  title={Patient Access to Mental Health Notes},
  author={Charlotte R Blease and Stephen O'Neill and John B Torous and Catherine M. DesRoches and Maria Hagglund},
  journal={The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease},
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Abstract In the last decade, many health organizations have embarked on a revolution in clinical communication. Using electronic devices, patients can now gain rapid access to their online clinical records. Legally, patients in many countries already have the right to obtain copies of their health records; however, the practice known as “open notes” is different. Via secure online health portals, patients are now able to access their test results, lists of medications, and the very words that… 
Patients’ Access to Their Psychiatric Notes: Current Policies and Practices in Sweden
The results show that regional differences concerning sharing psychiatric notes persist, despite Swedish regulations and a national policy that stipulates equal care for everyone, and there is evidence that the regions are moving toward increased transparency for psychiatry patients.
Sharing Clinical Notes and Electronic Health Records With People Affected by Mental Health Conditions: Scoping Review
PAEHRs in MHC may strengthen user involvement, patients’ autonomy, and shift medical treatment to a coproduced process and further research is needed to examine the clinical effectiveness, efficiency, and implementation of this sociotechnical intervention.
Sharing Clinical Notes and Electronic Health Records with People Affected by Mental Health Conditions: Scoping Review (Preprint)
PAEHRs in MHC may strengthen user involvement, patients' autonomy and shift medical treatment to a co-produced process and identify potential research gaps.
The benefits and harms of open notes in mental health: A Delphi survey of international experts
There was consensus that offering online access to mental health notes could enhance patients’ understanding about their diagnosis, care plan, and rationale for treatments, and that access could enhance patient recall and sense of empowerment.
The Benefits and Harms of Open Notes in Mental Health: A Delphi Survey of International Experts
This iterative process of survey responses and ratings yielded consensus that there would be multiple benefits and few harms to patients from accessing their mental health notes, and questions remain about the impact of open notes on professional autonomy.


Does Patient Access to Clinical Notes Change Documentation?
It is argued that more research is needed to investigate objective changes in notes as a result of patient access, highlighting the potentially beneficial and harmful effects that different types of documentation changes might have on the therapeutic relationship and on patient outcomes.
Easy Access, Difficult Consequences? Providing Psychiatric Patients With Access to Their Health Records Electronically
The uptake of “opening up” mental health clinical notes remains slow, due to the ongoing discomfort and concerns that providers have had, and it is shown that working in psychiatry is a predictor of discomfort in providing clinical notes to patients.
Patients’ Experiences of Accessing Their Electronic Health Records: National Patient Survey in Sweden
This study investigates patients’ experiences of accessing their EHRs through the Swedish national patient portal, called Journalen, and finds that PAEHRs seem to fill important needs for patients.
Patients Managing Medications and Reading Their Visit Notes: A Survey of OpenNotes Participants
Reading visit notes may be important for sustained improvements in the use of medications over time in ambulatory care, and the findings indicate that many patients are willing to participate in ensuring the accuracy of their medication lists.
A Web-Based Patient Portal for Mental Health Care: Benefits Evaluation
The benefits evaluation suggested that access to personal health records via patient portals may improve patient activation, recovery scores, and organizational efficiencies in a tertiary level mental health care facility.
OpenNotes After 7 Years: Patient Experiences With Ongoing Access to Their Clinicians’ Outpatient Visit Notes
In this first large-scale survey of patient experiences with a broad range of clinicians working in practices in which shared notes are well established, patients find note reading very important for their health management and share their notes frequently with others.
Open Notes in Swedish Psychiatric Care (Part 1): Survey Among Psychiatric Care Professionals
Open Notes can increase the transparency between patients and psychiatric HCPs because patients are able to access their EHRs online without delay and thus, can read notes that have not yet been approved by the responsible HCP.