Patient's Loss of Empathy Is Associated With Caregiver Burden.

  title={Patient's Loss of Empathy Is Associated With Caregiver Burden.},
  author={Massimo F.L. Pomponi and Lucia Ricciardi and Giuseppe La Torre and Domenico Fusco and Bruno Morabito and Diego Ricciardi and Annamaria Di Gioia and Roberto Bernabei and Anna Rita Bentivoglio},
  journal={The Journal of nervous and mental disease},
  volume={204 9},
Patients benefit from the presence of empathic caregivers (CGs). In this regard, empathy toward the patient is one of the clinical targets for improving patient outcomes. However, relatively little is known about the impact of patients' empathic responses on the CGs' burden. Among people living with Parkinson's disease (PwP), care partners play a major role. This study involved 28 spouse-patient couples. Empathy, stress burden, and mood disorders (such as anxiety and depression) were assessed… CONTINUE READING