Pathways to suicidal behaviors in childhood.

  title={Pathways to suicidal behaviors in childhood.},
  author={Leilani Greening and Laura A Stoppelbein and Paula J Fite and Dirk Marcel Dhossche and Stephen A. Erath and Jacqueline Brown and Robert Cramer and Laura K Young},
  journal={Suicide & life-threatening behavior},
  volume={38 1},
Path analyses were applied to test a model that includes internalizing and externalizing behavior problems as predictors of suicidal behaviors in children. Parents of an inpatient sample of boys (N=87; M age=9.81 years) rated the frequency of suicidal ideation and completed standardized measures of behavior problems. Blind raters rated the severity of the children's suicidal behaviors. Results revealed a significant direct effect for suicidal ideation on suicide attempt and for depressive… CONTINUE READING

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