Pathways to meiotic recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana.

  title={Pathways to meiotic recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana.},
  author={Kim Osman and James D Higgins and Eugenio S{\'a}nchez-Mor{\'a}n and Susan J Armstrong and F Christopher H Franklin},
  journal={The New phytologist},
  volume={190 3},
Meiosis is a central feature of sexual reproduction. Studies in plants have made and continue to make an important contribution to fundamental research aimed at the understanding of this complex process. Moreover, homologous recombination during meiosis provides the basis for plant breeders to create new varieties of crops. The increasing global demand for food, combined with the challenges from climate change, will require sustained efforts in crop improvement. An understanding of the factors… CONTINUE READING
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