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Pathways of transcytosis in the fenestrated endothelium of pancreatic capillaries.

  title={Pathways of transcytosis in the fenestrated endothelium of pancreatic capillaries.},
  author={V. Mureşan},
  journal={Journal of submicroscopic cytology},
  volume={18 4},
  • V. Mureşan
  • Published 1986
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of submicroscopic cytology
A procedure which covalently attaches an electron dense tracer to cell surface sialoglycoconjugates was used in order to label the luminal surface of capillary endothelium in rat pancreas. Mild oxidation of the vasculature by perfusion with 1 mM sodium periodate, followed by a 30-90 min incubation with ferritin hydrazide (FH) at 37 degrees C, led to a characteristic decoration of the endothelial surface. FH was taken up by the endothelium in coated vesicles and, to a much lesser extent, in… Expand
The Endothelial Junction
The endothelium of most blood vessels is a single layer of tightly packed cells which line the vascular lumen and border on the basal lamina and, in some arteries and arterioles, on the processes ofExpand
Increased vascular permeability in pancreas of diabetic rats: detection with high resolution protein A-gold cytochemistry
A method is described for the ultrastructural investigation of the integrity of the pancreatic microvasculature, consisting of histochemical detection and isolation of the islets followed by albumin and protein A-gold immunocytochemistry, whereby the distribution of endogenous albumin is used as a marker of endothelial integrity. Expand