Pathways of trace metal uptake in the lugworm Arenicola marina.

  title={Pathways of trace metal uptake in the lugworm Arenicola marina.},
  author={Maria Del Carmen Casado-Martinez and Brian D Smith and T. Angel DelValls and Phillip S Rainbow},
  journal={Aquatic toxicology},
  volume={92 1},
Radiotracer techniques were used to determine the rates of trace metal (Ag, Cd and Zn) uptake and elimination (33 psu, 10 degrees C) from water and sediment by the deposit-feeding polychaete Arenicola marina, proposed as a test species for estuarine-marine sediments in whole-sediment toxicity tests. Metal uptake rates from solution increase with increasing dissolved metal concentrations, with uptake rate constants (+/-SE) (lg(-1) d(-1)) of 1.21+/-0.11 (Ag), 0.026+/-0.002 (Zn) and 0.012+/-0.001… CONTINUE READING