Pathways of serotonin-induced electrolyte transport in rat distal colon.

  title={Pathways of serotonin-induced electrolyte transport in rat distal colon.},
  author={A K Siriwardena and Cindy Booker and Jeremy Pratt and John M. Kellum},
  volume={110 2},
  pages={411-7; discussion 417-8}
Serotinin-stimulated electrolyte transport was examined in flat-sheet preparations of rat left colon with the Ussing chamber-voltage clamp technique. Transport was studied in tissues stripped of muscularis propria and in nonstripped tissue. In nonstripped colon, the action of serotonin (5-hydroxytrytamine [5-HT]) on short-circuit current was inhibited by a factor of 60% by tetrodotoxin (P less than 0.05; t test) and was also inhibited by the 5HT2 antagonist ketanserin (p less than 0.05 vs… CONTINUE READING
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