Pathways of change : grammaticalization in English

  title={Pathways of change : grammaticalization in English},
  author={Olga Howard Fischer and Anette Rosenbach and Dieter Stein},
1. Contributors 2. Preface 3. Introduction (by Fischer, Olga) 4. A lovely little example: Word order options and category shift in the premodifying string (by Adamson, Sylvia M.) 5. The grammaticalization of the verb 'pray' (by Akimoto, Minoji) 6. The grammaticalization of concessive markers in Early Modern English (by Chen, Guohua) 7. Combining English auxiliaries (by Denison, David) 8. Grammaticalisation: Unidirectional, non-reversable?: The case of to before the infinitive in English (by… CONTINUE READING