Pathways of cadmium influx in mammalian neurons.

  title={Pathways of cadmium influx in mammalian neurons.},
  author={Cesare Usai and Andrea Barberis and Luca Moccagatta and Carla Marchetti},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={72 5},
The influx of the toxic cation Cd2+ was studied in fura 2-loaded rat cerebellar granule neurons. In cells depolarized with Ca2(+)-free, high-KCI solutions, the fluorescence emission ratio (R) increased in the presence of 100 microM Cd2(+). This increase was fully reversed by the Cd2+ chelator tetrakis(2-pyridylmethyl)ethylenediamine, indicating a cadmium influx into the cell. The rate of increase, dR/dt, was greatly reduced (67+/-5%) by 1 microM nimodipine and enhanced by 1 microM Bay K 8644… CONTINUE READING


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