Pathways That Control Cortical F-Actin Dynamics During Secretion

  title={Pathways That Control Cortical F-Actin Dynamics During Secretion},
  author={J. -M. Trifar{\'o} and Tatiana Lejen and Sergio D Ros{\'e} and Teodora Dumitrescu Pene and N. D. Barkar and Elizabeth P. Seward},
  journal={Neurochemical Research},
Chromaffin cells possess a mesh of filamentous actin underneath the plasma membrane which acts as a barrier to the chromaffin vesicles access to exocytotic sites. Disassembly of cortical F-actin in response to stimulation allows the movement of vesicles from the reserve pool to the release-ready vesicle pool and, therefore, to exocytotic sites. The dynamics… CONTINUE READING