Pathways, mediators and mechanisms of gastroduodenal mucosal injury.

  title={Pathways, mediators and mechanisms of gastroduodenal mucosal injury.},
  author={S{\'a}ndor Szab{\'o} and Lajos Nagy},
  journal={Acta physiologica Hungarica},
  volume={80 1-4},
This review provides evidence that gastroduodenal mucosal injury is a complex process because of the heterogeneous structure and multiple functions of the gut. The action of exogenous etiologic agents is usually mediated in part, or amplified by endogenous mediators which very often exert biphasic, i.e., damaging and protective effects. The pathogenetic pathways involve direct/indirect chemical injury, vascular damage and its consequences, and acute or chronic inflammatory processes following… CONTINUE READING
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