Pathway to dry skin prevention and treatment.

  title={Pathway to dry skin prevention and treatment.},
  author={Lyn Guenther and Chuck W Lynde and Anneke Andriessen and Benjamin Barankin and Eric Goldstein and Sandra P Skotnicki and Samir N Gupta and Kenneth Choi and Nathan Rosen and Lori E Shapiro and K. Sloan},
  journal={Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery},
  volume={16 1},
BACKGROUND This article presents an evidence-supported clinical pathway for dry skin prevention and treatment. OBJECTIVE The development of the pathway involved the following: a literature review was conducted and demonstrated that literature on dry skin is scarce. To compensate for the gap in the available literature, a modified Delphi method was used to collect information on prevention and treatment practice through a panel, which included 10 selected dermatologists who currently provide… CONTINUE READING