Pathway engineered enzymatic de novo purine nucleotide synthesis.

  title={Pathway engineered enzymatic de novo purine nucleotide synthesis.},
  author={Heather L. Schultheisz and Blair R. Szymczyna and Lincoln Greyson Scott and James R Williamson},
  journal={ACS chemical biology},
  volume={3 8},
A general method for isotopic labeling of the purine base moiety of nucleotides and RNA has been developed through biochemical pathway engineering in vitro. A synthetic scheme was designed and implemented utilizing recombinant enzymes from the pentose phosphate and de novo purine synthesis pathways, with regeneration of folate, aspartate, glutamine, ATP, and NADPH cofactors, in a single-pot reaction. Syntheses proceeded quickly and efficiently in comparison to chemical methods with isolated… CONTINUE READING
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