Pathophysiology of shock and hemorrhage in a fulminating viral infection (Ebola).

  title={Pathophysiology of shock and hemorrhage in a fulminating viral infection (Ebola).},
  author={Susan P. Fisher-Hoch and G. S. Platt and Guy Hume Neild and T J Southee and A B Baskerville and Roger Raymond and Graham Lloyd and David I. H. Simpson},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={152 5},
Eleven rhesus monkeys were monitored intensively during experimental infection with Ebola virus. Prominent neutrophilia with left shift and lymphopenia were the earliest abnormalities and were statistically significant by day 4 (P less than .02 and P less than .01, respectively). By day 4 falls in platelet counts were not statistically significant, whereas in vitro platelet aggregation was markedly depressed, progressing rapidly to complete failure by the time of maximum illness. Intraplatelet… CONTINUE READING
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