Pathophysiology of oligodendroglial excitotoxicity.

  title={Pathophysiology of oligodendroglial excitotoxicity.},
  author={Akira Yoshioka and Brian J. Bacskai and David Pleasure},
  journal={Journal of neuroscience research},
  volume={46 4},
Oligodendrocyte-like cells (OLD) derived from the rat oligodendroglial precursor line, CG-4, express Ca(2+)-permeable non-methyl-D-aspartate glutamate receptor channels (GluR). Exposure to kainate, an L-glutamate analogue, markedly elevates OLC Ca2+ influx and cytosolic [Ca2+], and results in damage to both OLC plasma membrane and OLC nuclear DNA. Two observations indicate that kainate-induced OLC internucleosomal DNA nicking is not simply a delayed consequence of cell necrosis: 1) there is no… CONTINUE READING