Pathophysiology of hemodynamically mediated acute renal failure in man.

  title={Pathophysiology of hemodynamically mediated acute renal failure in man.},
  author={Bryan D. Myers and B J Carrie and Raymond Yee and Mark Hilberman and Ann S. Michaels},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={18 4},
A tubular injury characterized by intraluminal obstruction and transtubular backleak of glomerular filtrate occurs in experimental acute renal failure (ARF) in animals. To determine whether these alterations also occur in human ARF, we studied 44 patients developing nonoliguric ARF following cardiac surgery. The delay in appearance of i.v. administered inulin in urine (Tu) was used as a measure of tubular fluid flow rate. Tu was not longer in 13 ARF patients than it was in control subjects (7.2… CONTINUE READING

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