Pathophysiology of glaucoma in uveitis.

  title={Pathophysiology of glaucoma in uveitis.},
  author={Robert Ritch},
  journal={Transactions of the ophthalmological societies of the United Kingdom},
  volume={101 (Pt 3) 3},
  • Robert Ritch
  • Published 1981 in
    Transactions of the ophthalmological societies of…
Glaucoma secondary to uveitis may occur by any one or by a combination of several different pathophysiological mechanisms. These include acute angle-closure due to iris bombé caused by posterior synechiae; chronic angle-closure due to peripheral anterior synechiae; and open angle glaucoma due to obstruction and/or inflammation of the trabecular meshwork. Secretory hypotony may mask impairment of outflow, while steroids used to treat the uveitis may further complicate the situation by causing a… CONTINUE READING

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