Pathophysiology and pathogenesis of visceral fat obesity.

  title={Pathophysiology and pathogenesis of visceral fat obesity.},
  author={Yuji Matsuzawa and Iichiro Shimomura and Tomoatsu Nakamura and Yoshiaki Keno and Katsuto Tokunaga},
  journal={Diabetes research and clinical practice},
  volume={24 Suppl},
Based on the analysis of fat distribution by CT scanning, we have proposed a classification of obesity: visceral fat obesity, in which fat accumulation is predominant in the intra-abdominal cavity. This type of obesity is more frequently accompanied by disorders of glucose and lipid metabolism, and also with hypertension, than subcutaneous fat obesity. We also showed that almost 90% of obese patients with ischemic heart disease have visceral fat accumulation. From clinical and basic experiments… CONTINUE READING