Pathology of captive moustached tamarins (Saguinus mystax).

  title={Pathology of captive moustached tamarins (Saguinus mystax).},
  author={Alfonso S Gozalo and Lily I Cheng and Marisa E St Claire and Jerrold M Ward and William R Elkins},
  journal={Comparative medicine},
  volume={58 2},
The pathology of 33 moustached tamarins (Saguinus mystax) previously used in hepatitis A and GB virus studies is reported. Chronic lesions in colon, heart, and kidney were common in the monkeys and appeared not to be due to the experimental exposures. Colitis cystica profunda (CCP), a disease that affects humans and is characterized by the presence of mucin-filled epithelial downgrowths and cysts in the colonic submucosa, was found in 24 of the 33 (72.7%) tamarins. Interstitial myocardial… CONTINUE READING