Pathological left-handedness. Left-handedness correlatives in adult epileptics.

  title={Pathological left-handedness. Left-handedness correlatives in adult epileptics.},
  author={Georges Dellatolas and S Luciani and A Castresana and Claude Remy and Pierre Jallon and Dominique Laplane and Jean Bancaud},
  journal={Brain : a journal of neurology},
  volume={116 ( Pt 6)},
Factors associated with left-handedness were examined in a large sample of adults who suffered with epileptic seizures (n = 446) in an attempt to delineate the concept of pathological left-handedness. Three main pathological factors were found associated with left-handedness: (i) right-hemiparesis of early onset; (ii) cognitive deficit; (iii) evidence of left-hemisphere disease on clinical examination. Familial sinistrality was also associated with left-handedness, independently of the above… CONTINUE READING

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