Pathologic features of suicidal complete decapitations.

  title={Pathologic features of suicidal complete decapitations.},
  author={Michael Tsokos and Elisabeth Elena T{\"u}rk and Seisaku Uchigasaki and Klaus P{\"u}schel},
  journal={Forensic science international},
  volume={139 2-3},
Despite high suicide rates all over the world, complete decapitation as a consequence of violent suicide methods is exceptionally rare and there is always a potential for confusion with homicide as well as with body dismemberment or mutilation. We analyzed the phenomenology and morphology of 10 cases (six male, four female; individual age 18-60 years) of suicidal complete decapitation that were subjected to medico-legal autopsies at the Institute of Legal Medicine, University of Hamburg… CONTINUE READING

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