Pathogenicity of basidiospores of Filobasidiella neoformans var. neoformans.

  title={Pathogenicity of basidiospores of Filobasidiella neoformans var. neoformans.},
  author={Samaniya Sukroongreung and K Kitiniyom and Churairatana Nilakul and Srisurang Tantimavanich},
  journal={Medical mycology},
  volume={36 6},
Basidiospores of Filobasidiella neoformans var. neoformans (progeny of Cryptococcus neoformans MT 100.1 x VR 45980) were able to induce cryptococcosis in Swiss albino mice if inoculated by intraperitoneal injection, nasal instillation or nasal spraying. The latter method, with the aid of a jet nebulizer, was first adopted to imitate the natural entrance of infectious particles. Using this method the small number of basidiospores (7 x 10(3)) could induce cryptococcosis in mice, while the higher… CONTINUE READING