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Pathogenicity of Radopholus similis on ginger.

  title={Pathogenicity of Radopholus similis on ginger.},
  author={Palaniyandi Sundararaju and Varghese K. Sosamma and P. K. Koshy},
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Nematode Diseases of Crop Plants: An Overview

  • P. Reddy
  • Biology
    Nematode Diseases of Crops and their Management
  • 2021
In the near future, the management strategies like use of regulatory (seed certification), physical (soil solarization and hot water treatment of planting material), cultural (crop rotation, organic amendments), chemical (naturally occurring nematicides), and biological (natural enemies) methods and host resistance (induced resistance, interruption in recognition of host, and genetically modified crops) will form components of integrated nematode management.

The Insect Pests of Ginger and Their Control

  • K. P. Nair
  • Biology
    Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) and Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) - World's Invaluable Medicinal Spices
  • 2019
The insect pests of ginger and their control: primary discussion is on shoot borer, infestation, and its control and also a discussion on nematode infestation and its Control.

Plant Health Management in Major Spice Crops

Adoption of integrated pest management schedules is important in these crops since excessive use of pesticides could lead to pesticide residues in the produce affecting human health and also causing other ecological hazards.