Pathogenicity of Eimeria anseris in goslings

  title={Pathogenicity of Eimeria anseris in goslings},
  author={Wu LiLi and Wang Liu and Wang Xiaobo and Xu JinJun and Tao Jianping},
  • Wu LiLi, Wang Liu, +2 authors Tao Jianping
  • Published 2009
In order to study the pathogenicity of Eimeria anseris,9-day-old and 18-day-old domestic geese were artificially infected with sporulated oocysts of E.anseris at different doses.Infection with 0.01×104,0.1×104 or 1.0×104 oocysts per bird caused 0,10 % and 60 % mortality in 9 year-old geese,respectively,while the 18-day-old geese infected with 0.5×104 or 3.0× 104 oocysts per bird showed 20 % and 75 % mortality,respectively.The clinical symptoms and lesions were similar in birds regardless ages… CONTINUE READING