Pathogenic adaptation of intracellular bacteria by rewiring a cis-regulatory input function.

  title={Pathogenic adaptation of intracellular bacteria by rewiring a cis-regulatory input function.},
  author={Suzanne E. Osborne and Don Walthers and Ana M Tomljenovic and David T. Mulder and Uma Silphaduang and Nancy Duong and Michael J. Lowden and Mark E. Wickham and Ross Frederick Waller and Linda J Kenney and Brian K Coombes},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={106 10},
The acquisition of DNA by horizontal gene transfer enables bacteria to adapt to previously unexploited ecological niches. Although horizontal gene transfer and mutation of protein-coding sequences are well-recognized forms of pathogen evolution, the evolutionary significance of cis-regulatory mutations in creating phenotypic diversity through altered transcriptional outputs is not known. We show the significance of regulatory mutation for pathogen evolution by mapping and then rewiring a cis… CONTINUE READING
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