Pathogenic Factors in Vascular Lesions of Experimental Serum Sickness

  title={Pathogenic Factors in Vascular Lesions of Experimental Serum Sickness},
  author={William T. Kniker and Charles G. Cochrane},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={83 - 98}
The present studies suggest that polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN's) are essential for the development of cardiovascular lesions in serum sickness. In the absence of PMN's, necrotic vascular lesions were never seen and endothelial proliferation in arteries was inhibited. Zones of fibrinoid deposits did not occur. By contrast, at least two-thirds of the control animals exhibited endothelial proliferation, and half had necrosis of arterial walls, usually with fibrinoid deposits. In arterial… CONTINUE READING